Tuesday Tactics

“A huge amount of freedom comes to you when you take nothing personally”

There is a class of people who always find reasons to say something disrespectful or irrelevant for others. They give opinion for others even if it’s not related to them. They might be doing so because they find others happy and their life a misery or they just find happiness in doing so!!!

Now forgetting them let’s just see this way. When you are on a right track and doing something good, you will come across such people who won’t stop backbiting you. They will say all mean things to put you down or distract you from your path and if you get distracted, that is where their motive is served.

Giving personal opinion is a mind game played by many. Don’t fall prey to that!!!

Don’t take things personally. Just continue doing what you are doing. You will find freedom of action, freedom of thoughts when you stop taking things said by others personally. You will definitely grow!!!

You should matter the opinion given by someone close to you or someone who is worthy to do so.

Taking nothing personally is a tactic followed by many successful people!!! Try practicing it!!!

Have a good day!!!


Monday Motivation

“Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits.”

Life is full of challenges. You are on a right track if you are facing them positively.

We decide our destiny. Like we have choices for many other things, we can also choose challenges. The more challenges you face the more power you get. If you are limiting your challenges, you are limiting your growth.

We do have limitations but if you are stucking yourself to your limitations, you are stopping something worth to happen. Life is much more worthful beyond your limitations.

Don’t limit your challenges. Challenge your limits. Challenging your limits will definitely widen your scope to succeed.

Have a good day!!!

Sunday Sunnydale

“Your Character make you a true Gentleman”

It is said that real character of a person lie in how he behave when he has everything with him. The character of a person is also tested in adverse situations.

Character lies in how calm, composed and sensible you keep yourself. Your behavior represents your true character.

Looks, clothes and luxury are secondary thing and is temporary too. These things can change with time. These things will definitely give you attraction of people but it has no guarantee that you will be liked for life long.

On the other hand, your character will definitely build a space for you in someone’s heart. Good character will give you an identity that will be remembered for a long time. Your character is what make you a true Gentleman!!!

Build good character!!!

Be remembered for your goodness!!!

Have a good day!!!

Saturday Startler

“Life is like a rollercoaster ride”

The beautiful gift that we have got is our Life. From childhood to youth, from youth to adulthood, we live it, we learn from it. Life gives us many experiences. Life teaches us many lessons. There are happy moments, there are sad moments. There are all sort of dramas that make it worth.

If we think of comparing it, life is like a rollercoaster ride. It starts slow and steady. We acclimatize with the situation around. Then comes the phase of fun, enthusiasm. We fright, we freak, we balance ourselves, we raise our hands in joy. No matter how hard the ride was we ultimately come to a phase of relief. We enjoy.

Life goes the same way. All the actions in your life will ultimately make you more experienced, more poised and more stable. You just need to balance yourself in some moments and let yourself free in others.

Enjoy living life!!! It’s really beautiful!!!

Happy Weekend!!!

Friday Fanatic

“Getting Misunderstood – Good or Bad?”

Humans are the most intelligent animals. We can think, apply our experience and get the outputs far more better than any other animal.

With such abilities and hundreds of crores of brain around, there definitely will be conflicts. It is not definite that you impress every mind with your ideas.

Your ground breaking ideas can also bring criticism and misunderstandings. But it’s important how hard you stick to your motives and ideas. Misunderstandings can kill goodness, relations and progress.

Getting misunderstood for your revolutionary ideas should not put you down. Pythagoras, Galileo, Socrates, Jesus, Newton, Copernicus and many more were misunderstood and criticized for their ideas, discoveries and disciplines. But they were all a revolution and the rest is history.

Your truth and innovation can be misunderstood but if justified correctly, you can be a revolution too.

Have a good day!!!

Thoughtful Thursday

“There are no shortcuts to any place that is worth going”

Everything in this world that is worthy for us require efforts. We won’t get things easily and if at all we get it then the pleasure of having it won’t last longer.

Our input to gain something worthful should be driven by smart thinking and focused efforts. Every achievement require us to follow a path. That path has to be followed sincerely. There should be no ill ideology or shortcuts to reach there.

If it require extra efforts from you, never hesitate to do that because there are no shortcuts to any place that is worth going and the happiness to achieve your goal will be eternal if your efforts were sincere.

Act Smartly!!! Work Sincerely!!!

Have a good day!!!

Tuesday Tactics

“Learn to say NO”

One person can’t be everywhere. One person can’t do everything at a time. We face the situations in life where we actually want to say no but the circumstances or relation won’t let us do so. With no intention to avoid, we avoid and then we hurt.

Even sometimes due to attachment with someone, we involve ourselves in a situation where we actually should not have been a part of.

This is all because of our inability to say no in a proper manner at a proper moment. It is not that we should show positive approach to everything but the same should be compensated with a reasonable looking no. Saying yes may line up ourselves to something not worth and if there is understanding in your partnership you will definitely be understood.

To manage things and relations in a healthy manner one should also learn the tactics of saying no at certain occasions.

Don’t lie!!! Don’t Excuse!!! Don’t over explain!!! Deal things reasonably!!!

Have a good day!!!